Throwback Thursday – Week #2

Throwback Thursday
Week #2

To encourage myself to continue to write and blog I am starting to participate in Throwback Thursday. I see people doing this on Facebook all the time and I never take the time.   I am on my second week and I can say it was really fun trying to find this weeks TBT! I don’t have many old pictures because they were thrown away when we moved… (I wasn’t around to claim them, so they went in the garbage)… I am linking up with The Mom Creative for Throwback Thursday Stories.

This photo is of my brother Steve and I circa 1984 (my best guess).   I would have been around 5 and he would have been 3.  Steve and I are not close siblings which is why I think I like this picture so much. We both look happy. Truth is, we are polar opposites and really don’t get along very well. I think we get along because we are siblings.  He’s quite possibly the most patient person I have ever met and me? I have ZERO patience and you’ll hear me often say “Give me strength…” 

Without giving my family history, Steve and I simply took different paths in life. He didn’t love school and I could never get enough of it.  He took a while finding a job he liked and I have had the same one since I was 19.  We have different views on nearly everything, money, politics, how to raise children, and how much we are willing to tolerate from a family member who is dishonest and always is a victim (aka -our mother).  I was done with her addictions years ago and he has been her go to for everything.. Unfortunately when it comes to that addiction, they feed each other.  It breaks my heart and I pray that eventually the cycle will be broken.  He is a great father to his girls but needs to let go of the chemicals he depends on to get through each day. which brings me back to why I love this picture so much. We were so innocent and not introduced to the pain and ugliness that addiction can cause a family.  We were young, happy, and in love with life back then 🙂

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Finish This! Week #21

Finish This!

This game is called “Finish This,” and all you have to do is finish the following prompts and link up your post below! You can also visit the other hosts of this party on their fun blogs: Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, Jen {The Arizona Russums} and Becky {The Java Mama}.

Jen and I the day “after” our girls day!  We like to have fun 🙂

The best mistake I ever made… hands down was having George.  Adam and I are not married.. we’ve been together for 4 years.. George is a product of a fun girls day.. pedicures then stopping for lunch that went from 1 beer to several by the time we got home… I had stopped taking birth control a year prior because a. I was never home and b. I did not like having to be on it.  Well folks, it only takes 1 time and 37 weeks later George arrived 🙂    …so sweet when people look at George and say “All because 2 people fell in love…”  Meanwhile Adam and I are secretly thinking.. “All because two people tied a jag on and got a little rowdy…”
From this mistake, I learned… how to be selfless and that kids really do grow up fast.  I have also learned how much WORK it takes to raise a child.  When they say it takes a village it certainly does!  Again, I am blessed that George has such awesome grandparents who help us out quite a bit!  ..and I also learned not to drink with my neighbor otherwise George might end up with a sibling long before I plan for it to happen!

When I’m anxious, I tell myself… Really?  Friends, let me be honest here.  I am anixous all of the time.  I try to be “chill” about certain things (did I just age myself with “chill?”) but truthfully anxiety is my middle name.  I am anxious about everything and anything…  How will I accomplish X.. When will I lose the weight… We have X, Y, and Z going on this weekend, when will I … George is fussy again = anxiety.  George isn’t pooping quite the way babies should poop (we’ve battled with constipation and hard poop) = anxiety. I just talked about poop on my blog = anxiety. See?  Yes. I AM WOUND TIGHT. 

All I really want to do is… move to the South where it’s warm and people are friendly. They say “yes sir and yes ma’am” – which when I say these things up here people scold me or give me a dirty look because up here “sir/ma’am” refers to old people. I want a big house with a wrap around porch and want to drink sweet tea (even though I haven’t acquired the taste of it yet). I want to be a Southern Belle. I want to be involved with volunteering and only work part-time… and yet, I work full-time, don’t drink sweet tea (fact: I can’t live without Mtn Dew.. Yes I know how bad it is for me) I live in Wisconsin where it’s freezing cold AND heck my blog is “UP NORTH MAMA” …  But a girl can dream, right?!

Now it’s your turn. Answer these prompts in a post on your own blog or, if you do not have a blog, simply add your responses in a comment. Join us next Wednesday for another round of Finish This where we’ll answer the prompts below!

Prompts for WEEK 22 (June 4) are:
I conquer fear …
I follow my heart …
I feed my soul by …
I used to worry about ____ but then I …
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Throwback Thursday — Week #1

Throwback Thursday

To encourage myself to continue to write and blog I am starting to participate in Throwback Thursday. I see people doing this on Facebook all the time and I never take the time. So today it begins!!  Since it’s a little late in the day I’m doing a short-term throw back.
My sweet baby George is going to be 4 months tomorrow!!  I simply cannot believe it 🙂  So to celebrate my Throwback Thursday I’m sharing a pic of him after he was first born and one we took this week before he left for the morning.  George always loves to smile in the mornings (He’s definitely a product of Adam and I – both morning people!)
My sweet boy was 5lb 5oz when he was born…and now he’s well over 14lbs.

I can’t begin to say how many people stopped me and told me it was going to go fast.. Well Georgie, you are already 4 months old… Pretty soon I will be walking you to kindergarten, teaching you how to drive, hugging you on graduation day, sending you off to college, and then we will both be on TV for the NFL draft… because we both know with those shoulders a career in the NFL is in your future!

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Finish This! — Week #20

Finish This!

This game is called “Finish This,” and all you have to do is finish the following prompts and link up your post below! You can also visit the other hosts of this party on their fun blogs: Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, Jen {The Arizona Russums} and Becky {The Java Mama}.

My favorite receipe is… My homemade lasagna… I make a scratch sauce that cooks all day marinating all of the spices together.  The big trick is when you’re layering the sauce, cheese and noodles, to add a thick layer of parmesan cheese on top of the sauce (before the mozzarella cheese).  It cooks right into the sauce giving it a heavenly taste!  Yum! 

I believe in… the power of laughter and a smile. The unconditional love of a child… That sometimes ice cream does make it all better… That exercise will kill any bad mood Im in… having a happy child is better than a clean house… and of course God the Almighty, Jesus Son of God and Mary, the Momma of all Mommas.

I need to set boundaries… with Adam. This is one of those things that we are really working on. I feel like I prioritize the family and put them at the front of my list. I try to do things as quickly as possible to not place any undue burden on others. But for Adam, he can go take 5 hours to golf, then come home, work on the yard and not think anything of my time or spending time with George. He’s very good at putting himself first and that’s where I need to start setting those boundaries. If he wants a morning off, then perhaps he needs to get his golfing in and the yard work in because it’s been very stressful on me when I spend 90% of my time taking care of George and very little time for me. (Rant over).

I started living when… I turned 30. For so long I was always so concerned about doing what everyone else wanted me to do. I was the first person to graduate college in my family but I think back and I did it for my family, not for myself. So when I turned 30 I started to make decisions with myself in mind, not what everyone else wanted. I went back to school for my Master’s in teaching and people definitely questioned that decision because I already had a good job. But it was for ME. Something I WANTED to do. And when I took a leave of absence from my company and spent 2 of my 4 months student teaching in England, that was for me – no one else. I was able to travel and experience something entirely different. No, I’m not even teaching now, but that’s always something I have to fall back on if I needed to. However, now that I’ve become a mama, my life has reverted back to that living for others first. I’m still working on that balance of family and me time.

Prompts for WEEK 21 (May 28) are:
The best mistake I ever made …
From this mistake, I learned …
When I’m anxious, I tell myself …
All I really want to do is …


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