Finish This! Week #21

Finish This!

This game is called “Finish This,” and all you have to do is finish the following prompts and link up your post below! You can also visit the other hosts of this party on their fun blogs: Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, Jen {The Arizona Russums} and Becky {The Java Mama}.

Jen and I the day “after” our girls day!  We like to have fun 🙂

The best mistake I ever made… hands down was having George.  Adam and I are not married.. we’ve been together for 4 years.. George is a product of a fun girls day.. pedicures then stopping for lunch that went from 1 beer to several by the time we got home… I had stopped taking birth control a year prior because a. I was never home and b. I did not like having to be on it.  Well folks, it only takes 1 time and 37 weeks later George arrived 🙂    …so sweet when people look at George and say “All because 2 people fell in love…”  Meanwhile Adam and I are secretly thinking.. “All because two people tied a jag on and got a little rowdy…”
From this mistake, I learned… how to be selfless and that kids really do grow up fast.  I have also learned how much WORK it takes to raise a child.  When they say it takes a village it certainly does!  Again, I am blessed that George has such awesome grandparents who help us out quite a bit!  ..and I also learned not to drink with my neighbor otherwise George might end up with a sibling long before I plan for it to happen!

When I’m anxious, I tell myself… Really?  Friends, let me be honest here.  I am anixous all of the time.  I try to be “chill” about certain things (did I just age myself with “chill?”) but truthfully anxiety is my middle name.  I am anxious about everything and anything…  How will I accomplish X.. When will I lose the weight… We have X, Y, and Z going on this weekend, when will I … George is fussy again = anxiety.  George isn’t pooping quite the way babies should poop (we’ve battled with constipation and hard poop) = anxiety. I just talked about poop on my blog = anxiety. See?  Yes. I AM WOUND TIGHT. 

All I really want to do is… move to the South where it’s warm and people are friendly. They say “yes sir and yes ma’am” – which when I say these things up here people scold me or give me a dirty look because up here “sir/ma’am” refers to old people. I want a big house with a wrap around porch and want to drink sweet tea (even though I haven’t acquired the taste of it yet). I want to be a Southern Belle. I want to be involved with volunteering and only work part-time… and yet, I work full-time, don’t drink sweet tea (fact: I can’t live without Mtn Dew.. Yes I know how bad it is for me) I live in Wisconsin where it’s freezing cold AND heck my blog is “UP NORTH MAMA” …  But a girl can dream, right?!

Now it’s your turn. Answer these prompts in a post on your own blog or, if you do not have a blog, simply add your responses in a comment. Join us next Wednesday for another round of Finish This where we’ll answer the prompts below!

Prompts for WEEK 22 (June 4) are:
I conquer fear …
I follow my heart …
I feed my soul by …
I used to worry about ____ but then I …

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  1. Oh YES, Texas is where it is at!!! I've been up North, to the West and to the East and I always get that giddy feeling when I come back home to Texas. Yes, Ma'am and No Sir is all about respect. I LOVE hearing kids say these words to their parents… Wish I could have gotten mine to say it.
    At least you and the 'one day gonna be your husband'– I can feel it— have been together for 4 years… My daughter has twice now gotten pregnant (w two different daddys) in like less than 5 months of being with them.. Hmmmmmmm …

  2. What happened to my comment? It was so cute. Let's try this again ….. you come on down to The South where we say "y'all" and the men open doors for us and tip their hats. You are welcome to my home anytime, where the tea is sweet (even though I don't drink it anymore … GASP!) and the porch is long and wide and perfect for sittin' a spell. BIG HUGS!

  3. I can only hope to hear my sweet George say "yes sir and ma'am" someday. Adam and I have talked about that and we just feel it's out of respect.

    I didn't realize you were a grandma?! How is that possible!!! Your daughter must be a very strong gal. Raising one child is a challenge with a committed boyfriend, I can't imagine raising 2 with guys who haven't been around very long!

  4. Nicole in my younger years, I'd ask when and where and be on the first plane I could out of here to visit. I LOVE to travel and have met so many amazing people around the country/world through travel. I've been known to make random friends in all sorts of places (wine tasting is one of them…)

  5. oh my anxiety is my middle name too and my kids tend to bring it out in me. Love them but am constantly worried and anxious for them.

  6. I'm also anxious about my children especially when they were little babies. Since they've gotten a little bit older. I'm still anxious about them but it's in a different way.

    I wish I had that kind of respect here where people said yes ma'am and no ma'am. Actually I wish some of the students I'm around would just say "Good morning" when I tell them that. I have a few who just walk on by and act like I hadn't said anything at all. Drives me crazy.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  7. Hey nothing wrong with talking about POOP in your blog! HAHA! It happens! LOL And hubby and I talk about moving south too (we're in Pennsylvania). I'm sure our winters are not as bad as yours, but sure would be nice to be WARM all the time!

  8. It is lovely here in Alabama right now ….There are two fantastic rocking chairs on my Mama's front porch and I'm sure we can round you up some sweet tea to sip while our kiddos play in the yard =) That's actually my idea of a perfect afternoon!

  9. Cassie you are speaking my language! You cannot even begin to imagine how much I have dreamed of that setting you just painted. It is exactly where I want to be in life 🙂 I am so jealous my dear.. You enjoy that fabulous place!!

  10. Thank you for understanding my madness and inability to filter my thoughts!! I wish Adam would consider moving. That boy will not move 10 feet closer to the South. Argh! I guess I'll just have to buy my own 2nd house and winter there when I retire (since I will retire much earlier than him!! – – I'm 6 years older..)

  11. Oh those students who have no respect send me up a wall! I don't know how you tolerate it. I would probably make a game out of the good morning thing… call the kid by the wrong name and then when they turn around say "oh you did hear me!"

  12. I've lived in Texas all my life. I couldn't move north because my drawl is so thick people up there laugh. Once had a Bostonian imitate me very poorly in a thick Bostonian accent. Pretty funny really.

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