Finish This! — Week #22

This game is called “Finish This,” and all you have to do is finish the following prompts and link up your post below! You can also visit the other hosts of this party on their fun blogs: Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, Jen {The Arizona Russums} and Becky {The Java Mama}.

I conquer fear… hmm.. I don’t really think that I do.  I’m terrified of fish and I vow I will never try to conquer that fear. I won’t eat them, won’t look at them (even goldfish), won’t swim in lakes, won’t appreciate an aquarium. In fact, I’m quite content with being afraid of them. I don’t ever see us being friends.

I follow my heart … only when it comes to love.. nearly everything else, I follow my head.  I’ve vented about things with Adam in the last posts so won’t add many details but we are definitely in an opposites attract relationship. And one that many days I feel has run its course. I need to get back to loving the things that initially attracted me to him and not get so wound up over them. For example, I am not social, Adam is very social.  I liked this when I first met him because it encouraged me to get out, meet people, and now it drives me crazy!  I would rather just stay home and not invite people over or meet up with people – and he’s always suggesting we get together with folks. 

I feed my soul by… hiking.  I bought a year pass to the state park this summer and have really enjoyed going there on a weekly basis. A friend and I hike a 4 mile path on Thursdays that at the mid-point has a waterfall which is incredible (I think I posted a picture of this in a previous post).  I also just found out that Lisa Simpson-Rambo (Biggest Loser – Season 14) will be hosting a bootcamp each Monday this summer with a pre-hike at the park so am even MORE excited about my season pass. YAY!

I used to worry about ____ but then I … I used to always be concerned about what people thought of me.  I worried about my outward appearance, what people thought of my personality and would be so stressed out in social situations.  Although I’m not nearly as confident and self-assured as I would like to be, I am much more mature about how to handle myself than I was years ago.

Prompts for WEEK 23 (June 11) are:
The best compliment I ever received …
Wearing red lipstick makes me feel …
The best investment I’ve made …
My best childhood memory …

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  1. You sound like my husband and Adam reminds me of me…..amazing how two people, so different from each other, make a relationship work. It's one of the many "quirks" about us. Embrace it and be proud of it. Besides, as Polly Anna Social Butterfly as I can be, sometimes staying home in my jammies is all I want to do too. HA! Two thumbs-up for the park and waterfall and summer boot camp. I half-heartedly watched "Extreme Weight Loss" last night while feeding and entertaining Kamden. Amazing stories, amazing transformations. Wow.

  2. I totally have that same fear of lake swimming! I've slowly gotten over it in the past few years (by getting over it I will just stay in one spot in the water and not swim around). TV shows like River Monsters don't help either. Terrifying!

  3. Oh I love that show!! I have it on my DVR. I would love for Chris's wife Heidi to be my trainer! Did you see last week how fabulous she looked after having a baby? And that's baby #3 I think?! She's incredible.

  4. I like to swim in water that I can see the bottom. LOL So while I love swimming in the ocean, it does make me a little nervous! I love hiking! Sounds amazing with the waterfalls. And you and I had the same answer for the last question. I find that a lot of us bloggers are very similiar! XO

  5. I love hiking and yes it does just feed your soul, your mind and your body. Not only are you getting an amazing workout, but you are out in that lovely thing called nature and soaking it in.

    I think opposite attracts is what pulls in most of my relationships, including my husband. Yes, learn to love it again, its needed!

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