Weekend in Review – Deer Widow Weekend

It’s that time again!  Gun season opener.  While the boys headed off to Deer Camp, Grandma Judy, George and I spent our weekend out and about.  Next year George will be heading up to Deer Camp (at least in my mind he’s going) so we will have a girls only weekend 🙂

Judy and I took a half day on Friday and went up to Turtle Lake to check out a little antique place where I found the cutest little milk jugs and Christmas Plate Circa 1979…and of course while we were up that way we made a stop in the casino… Unfortunately we made a donation this time around.. maybe next time we will be winners!  Then we headed up to the cities, picked up George on the way. Visited my former teammate Kelly at the Cat Office.. she was so kind to George, gave him this sweet little puppy that plays music and has interactive learning sounds as well.  It was so wonderful seeing her!!

Next we went over to Mall of America… did a little shopping and then had dinner at Tucci Bennuch. So delicious!!  George was such a good little boy too!!  Grandma shared her Tomato Basil soup and little boy just gobbled it right up!  He’s such a good eater!

Saturday we headed down to Austin, MN for A Handmade Christmas – Indie Craft Market.  One of Greg’s high school friends Anna was involved in putting the whole thing together. She did such an amazing job!!  Bless her heart, this girl was also days from having her sweet baby and she was all over it.  We were so impressed with the craft show.  It was quaint but the offerings there were just awesome.  Plus we agreed that the caramel rolls made by the lovely ladies at St Edwards Church were worth the drive alone!  
George and I in his Bjorn – he LOVES being in here! 
Grandma with George
We truly enjoyed our time down in Austin and were able to pickup some GREAT goodies as well!!  I love both the candles I purchased and am still waiting to try my Strawberry Jam 🙂   We went back to the cities, stopped at Ikea and picked up some picture frames and other little odds and ends before coming home.  We were so busy and little boy was sooooooo tired from all of our fun activities!!
Sunday, Adam returned home and we spend the ENTIRE morning cleaning our basement.  See on Thursday night before Adam left, our septic backed up into our basement.    This meant renting an electric snake to remove the clog and then frantically trying to dry out the carpets, etc.  So on Sunday we cleaned carpets and entirely cleaned our basement.  Also put plastic on our (awfully drafty windows) to try and keep our home warm for the impending winter.   Also, George turned 10 months old!!  I know people tell you it goes fast, but it is so true!!!

This little turkey is moving and moving and moving all over our house!! I think after the first 10 minutes Adam was already done with the idea of him crawling. He is into everything.  It’s pretty fun watching him explore and see all of the new things he’s discovering.  I think we will be seeing more of this little butt scooting around our floors!!  He loves walking holding our hands and would much prefer it as he never wants to quit when we get tired!

It’s a short week in corporate America!!  So thankful for these weekends with family and getting to see old friends.  Have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving!!

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Weekend in Review – Let’s keep up the trend!

Alright, here I am with weekend #3 in a row where I am making an honest effort at having this post done and ready for the week!  We had a full weekend as usual even though going into it we had no plans.  Friday night we visited Grandpa Dave, went and ran errands and then visited our friends Buffo, Nadine and baby Harper.  Miss Harper Jean just turned one last week and she has THE BEST toys.  George had so much fun playing with them and of course Harper.

This picture on the left just stole my heart.  My Uncle Chuck used to rodeo and ride bull, so to see my sweet boy on this horse with his arm raised up as if he knew what to do just melted my heart!!  And of course why not take a little elephant ride with Harper pushing.. Although George is a bit of a lug so she didn’t get very far!

Saturday morning was the Turkey Trot for the Centre’s 5K racing Series.  I have only done 1 other winter run this year and it was a training run and much warmer.  At the start of the race it was single digits but by the time we finished I think it hit 12 degrees.  Jen had a PR this race which is so incredible!!  My lungs have a ways to go in this winter weather.  I finished 1 minute behind my race time from last month which I’m completely okay with seeing as I’m just learning how to run in the cold.  It was a great way to start the morning!! 

Tory, Me and Jen

And I have a feeling I will be seeing this little turkey’s butt more often.  My sweet boy is almost 10 months and isn’t quite crawling yet… but Sunday he was taking more and more strides towards crawling.  He is up on his knees and can make it one or two knees forward before he goes back on his bottom.  He doesn’t like an audience (for once) when he’s trying to if we ignore him he’s more likely to try.  At grandma and grandpa’s house he was all about trying on their hardwood floor, so perhaps by next weekends review we will have a little crawler!!

I need to get better at taking photos whenever we are doing things but sometimes I just get caught up visiting I forget!  We spent the afternoon on Saturday with grandma while dad went hunting.  It was a full but enjoyable weekend.  Next weekend the boys are off to the cabin for gun opener, unfortunately George isn’t old enough this year to go.. so we will be out and about going to craft shows.  So excited to head down to Austin to check out A Handmade Christmas – Indie Craft market

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Stitch Fix #8 – My Fix Reviewed

From the moment I opened the box I knew I was going to be in love.  One of the great things about Stitch Fix is you can ask for certain things in your fix.  I’ve realized I don’t have a lot of “going out” stuff so I asked for items that would be age/seasonally appropriate.  I also asked for a consistent stylist in the past but conveniently “Jaime” was not available.  This time I had Desiree do the styling and this gal was awesome.  For the first time I felt a little like I was pushed outside of my comfort zone with stuff that I really did like…. that was until I saw the photos that Adam took…

I have been running all summer and am close to my pre-baby weight… but when I look at these photos I see how far I still have to go.  I am being completely transparent by posting these photos. I simply ask that you please don’t judge.  

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is a monthly or as you request clothing service that’s delivered to your door. You sign up, fill out their Style Profile, and then pay $20 as a styling fee. They send you clothes that match up with your profile. If you purchase something, the $20 is applied against your purchase. If you do not purchase anything, then the $20 is forfeited as a “styling fee.”

Top:  Stefani Lace Detailed Crew Neck Tank – $44

Jeans:  Paige Skinny Jeans – $78
(Kut From the Kloth)

This top reminds me of one of my favorite tops I received from Stitch Fix.  It was in my very first fix and it’s the one I wear the most.  So of course when I tried this one on, I knew I loved it.  It’s a very basic black tank with some lace type detailing on the neck.  I like that I can wear it alone or wear it with sweaters, jackets, etc for the winter.    

Verdict:  Kept 

When I put these jeans on I realized right away that it was the common issue I have with pants.  The waist was way too big and the rest of the pants were way too tight.  Since I complained about receiving “tall” pants they now send me everything in ankle length. I also don’t appreciate how thick they make my legs look and perhaps I didn’t make the best styling decision with the boots they cut me off.  

Verdict:  Returned 

Zaiden Pocket Open Blazer – $88
(Ark n Co)

What I love about this blazer is the color.  It went so well with my skin tone and hair!  Unfortunately when I went to put it on it was like the arm holes weren’t matched up right with the shoulders.  I couldn’t raise my arms over my head and in fact I couldn’t put my arms out in front of me.  The jacket also hung funny on me, likely because of the strange fit with the shoulders.  I would love an item like this in my wardrobe to kind of dress up jeans and a tank but this one wasn’t a keeper for me! 

Verdict: Returned

Cia Boucle Sleeve Terry Moto Jacket – $128
(Kut From The Kloth)

First of all, hello filter!  When I saw the sleeves on this jacket my first instinct was ick!  I do not care for Boucle material, but actually when I put this on, the sleeves were rather soft.  I like the asymmetrical zipper on this and the way that it’s a hoodie/moto jacket.  It’s definitely more on the casual side vs going out.  Unfortunately it was a little on the big side and expensive side.  I googled this brand and was able to find it at Nordstrom for $108 instead.  Seriously, $108 for a sweatshirt is ridiculous!     

Verdict: Returned.

Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf – $42
(Look by M)

For anyone that knows me will recognize that I love wearing scarves, so this should have been a no brainer for me.  I just couldn’t get into this scarf though. I think it was because the material was so thick and wasn’t super soft or comfy.  I usually love big scarves too but this one just wasn’t the right fit for me.  Plus at $42 I couldn’t buy into it since I know I could go buy 2 yards of material and make this myself for about $15.  

Verdict:  Returned

For those of you who aren’t familiar; Stitch Fix carries sizes XS-XL and 0-14. It’s not age or body specific, they do try to meet your tastes and likes! If you’re interested, here is my referral link. I receive a $25 credit for you signing up and once you sign up you can have other friends sign up under your personal link. (The credit isn’t applied until the first box ships!)

Like I said, this one was a lot more fun that the other fixes I have had in the past.  However it might send me into a crash diet after looking at the photos and the way that my legs look in those skinny jeans!!  Apparently running a half marathon didn’t do enough for me and I might have to suck it up and change some of my eating habits (don’t hold your breath that I’ll completely give up Mountain Dew)… Love you all… Thank you for reading!
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Weekend in Review

What a wonderful weekend!  We were so busy as usual.  This past weekend we celebrated both Grandpa Paul and Grandma Judy’s birthdays.  We went up to the cabin on Friday night and went out for a nice supper in Stone Lake.  Judy and I headed to the casino for a little gambling fun while the boys stayed back at the cabin.  I was down to my last dollar… and when I say LAST I mean the kind where you have a players club card and cash in your points to have slot credit.. and I found this little old time machine and was able to play myself back up … we had so much fun that night!!  (This is where it might be helpful if I remembered to take pictures!)

My sweet little boy loves nothing more than to be in his diaper.  Thankfully it was more than warm in the cabin with the fire going so he could enjoy being clothes free for a while.  The boys worked on the trails and putting up the snow fence (just in time!) while we fixed breakfast and went shopping in town.

On Saturday we had tickets to go see Garth Brooks with friends and were so excited!!  This has been a long time dream and bucket list item for me and Adam to see!   George stayed with Grandma and Grandpa so we could get a hotel in the city since we were going to the 10:30 show.

We stopped at Brit’s first for a pint…and then made our way over to Glueck’s for dinner and a few more pints before the concert.  Thankfully we were at Glueck’s early enough to get a space that allowed a group of 8 of us to have dinner and drinks!  
Adam enjoying a large mug, Adam and Josh, Adam and Steph with their big mugs
Adam and I at waiting for the show to start, Emily and I at Glueck’s
After our wonderful meal and laughs with friends we headed over to the Target Center to hear the Legendary Garth Brooks.  He was simply amazing!!  We all had great seats.. some had better than others.. ahem… Emily.  But all in all it was simply wonderful! 
George had a great time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa as well… and slept like a champ!  (Always a good thing when someone else has him!).  On Sunday Judy and I did some shopping and then she and Alex fixed supper for the family.  Great Grandpa George came over and got to play with little George.  He’s always so curious about peoples faces. He touches their noses and tries to put his fingers in their mouths.  He also tried for grandpas glasses a few time.  Just love their interactions! We are so truly blessed to have this wonderful man in our lives and even more so to see him every Sunday for dinner!
It was early bed times for all of us last night!  Today we woke up to a fresh snow fall.. I tried to take George out to see what his reaction was to it but it was blowing so hard he just closed his eyes and turned away from it.  Can’t wait to put his little snow gear on and take him out to play in it!
This little boy sure does love his local hospital… first he was on the cover and now he’s sporting a BAMC sweatband… Here’s a fun pic from last week!   Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

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