Weekend in Review – Busy Mama!

We had a very busy weekend!  After being out of town last week (and being crazy busy while I was gone!) I returned home to a full weekend of George.  I was so happy to be back and my sweet boy was still awake when I arrived home on Thursday.  I worked on Friday but since I work from home (most of the time) I was able to keep him home with me.  Which by the way, I was approved to work from home 100% of the time starting in January.  YAY!

Saturday was a fun-filled day of baking cookies and visiting Santa!  George and I went to Grandma’s house and Grandpa played with George while we baked.  We baked a ton of sugar cut-outs, Oreo Truffles, and Wreaths.  Grandma also made Peanut Butter Temptations on Sunday but had made up the dough on Saturday.

We also took a break from our baking and went to see Santa!  The Woodville Lion’s Club also hosted a holiday festival.  Santa was there to take pictures and hear all the wishes of the good boys and girls.  George did so well sitting on Santa’s lap! I was so proud of him. He didn’t quite know what to think but didn’t fuss – so I take that as a win!

Sunday, while Adam was finishing up a Tile Project, George and I went over to Pinstripes in Edina to celebrate our friend Jack’s 1st birthday.  We had such a good time there.  We ate Macaroni and Cheese, tried a cupcake with frosting, and played with Jack’s new toys.  He was so nice to share!

We are coming along on our December goals.  I plan to write an update by the end of the week.  Hope you are getting everything accomplished in December that you set out to do and that your holiday shopping is nearly complete!  Have a wonderful week.

— Kristen

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Christmas Cheer Box

My first year of blogging has certainly been an interesting one!  I have followed many different bloggers and am learning my own style and ways as I go.  One of my current charges is to be more active and involved in the blogging world.  Rachel over at Floral and Fudge is co-hosting a Christmas Cheer Box Linkup with other bloggers.
One of the “rules” of the cheer box is you are to spend around $10 and it must be Christmas related.  A few weeks ago I had seen this pin on Pinterest for the M&M Christmas Poem and I knew this would definitely be one of the items I included in my Cheer box.
I was able to find the cute little half pint Ball Mason jars at Wal-Mart in a pack of 4. I filled it with regular M&Ms, tied some baker’s twine around it and added the poem to the front. I thought I was going to be clever and laminate the poem, but glue and double sided tape wouldn’t hold that baby on, so I went with regular paper.    Here is my version of the M&M Christmas Poem:


Here is an overview of all of the items I put in the cheer box.
1. M&M poem – includes bakers twine, mason jar, M&Ms, and Christmas Poem.
6. Cookie Cutters – (to be on budget, I only included one in the cheer box)
7.  Paper straws – these are so darn cute!!
This is the box of items I sent – the cupcake toppers are hiding behind the napkins… and I forgot but I actually added candy cane chapstick to the box as well!  How did I manage keeping this close to $10?  I bought the M&Ms in bulk at Sam’s, the jars came in a pack of 4, the hand soap was on sale for 5/$18, the cookie cutters and chapstick came in a packs of 3, and I found the bev naps and straws for less than $1.
This is a great gift idea that can be customized to fit for anyone!



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Christmas Cheer Box Reveal

Rachel over at Floral and Fudge co-hosted a Christmas Cheer Box Linkup and I decided to get in on all of the fun!  The goal was to send a box to a fellow blogger (whose name you were sent) and to spend less than $10.  It was suggested the items be “Christmas Themed” and sent by December 1st.  

Kaitlin over at Little Goodies (who by the way has 2 of the cutest little ones ever!) sent me this box of WONDERFUL goodies 🙂  She was also one of our lovely co-hosts for the exchange.  
First of all let’s just talk about how cute the box is that she sent me. Apparently she must realize how miserable and dreary winters are around these parts because when I unwrapped the package I was brought back to happier (and warmer) days of summer!!

Clearly you can tell this woman is a mama and either stalked me (ha ha – right) or simply knows how OCD organized I like to be when it comes to making lists!  We love list paper at our house!!  So I was so so happy to more paper to make lists on. YAY!  And the chevron journal is lovely.  It will fit in my manbag purse just perfect- likely for me to make a few more lists on.  (I’m embarrassed to say that I use both “notes” and “reminders” for list making on my phone when I don’t have paper to write on!)

And who doesn’t love some incredibly amazing hand lotion for these dry dry winters!  This one smells sooo yummy!!   Another must for my purse.  (Joking aside, I did find my cross body bag in the mens section at Fossil – and I LOVE it – which is why I call it my man bag).

And to round out the bag, she sent me these cute little Christmas tags and glitter tape.  I love brown paper bag wrapping paper, so it will be so fun to add this glitter tape to the outside to add some excitement!  And these little ties are adorable too!  They are full of sparkle!!  Having longer hair I know I can add these to my hair, but they also work well for binding too!

What fun it is to send/receive Cheer Boxes!!  I know when I put mine together I had so much fun doing it and for under $10 -even better!!  Thank you to Katilin for being so thoughtful with the box you sent, I sincerely appreciate it!

I am also sharing the Christmas Cheer Box that I put together for Nelle over at Simply Love here.

Merry Christmas everyone!! 

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Stitch Fix #9 – My Fix Reviewed

I kind of forgot that I was getting a Stitch Fix this week! I was so excited when I came home to the box on my front step!  How did I forget?  Well it’s been so hectic with Christmas shopping, working, planning a weekend trip out of town followed by a work trip out of town that I simply forgot this was coming!  I had briefly looked at my shipping notice to see what I was getting but didn’t take much time beyond that.

I was so happy to see that I had the same stylist Desire again!  I love that she pushes me outside the box with some of her choices for me.  This month definitely had a few pieces I wouldn’t normally pick for myself so I was looking forward to trying them!

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is a monthly or as you request clothing service that’s delivered to your door. You sign up, fill out their Style Profile, and then pay $20 as a styling fee. They send you clothes that match up with your profile. If you purchase something, the $20 is applied against your purchase. If you do not purchase anything, then the $20 is forfeited as a “styling fee.”

Lyndie Cowl Neck Top

(Laila Jayde)

This was a simple black knit top that had a loose cowl neck.  There was an interesting detail on the shoulder but I was already turned off by the neckline that I knew I wasn’t going to keep it.  It’s funny how you look in the mirror and see something and it’s “okay” but now that I see this in photos it’s definitely a no.  

Verdict: Returned.

Rizzo Pull-On Skinny Ponte Pant

I have been wanting a Ponte knit pant and when I put these on they were PERFECT!  I was so in LOVE with these pants the minute I put them on.  They fit in length (hard to see with my boots on) and they fit in the waist and legs. I like that they have the pockets on the back so they don’t look like leggings but fit nearly as comfy.  

Verdict:  Definitely a keeper!

Courtney Knot Studs
(Bay to Baubles)


Roxanne Striped Fringe Cardigan
(RD Style)

When I pulled this cardigan out of the box I was thinking they sent me a rug instead of a sweater.  But after I figured out how to put it on, I was pleasantly surprised. This definitely isn’t my style but it was a fun piece!  I liked how comfy it was and I like how it paired so nicely with the ponte pants.  I had to throw this awesome headband from Ruffle Couture for the full “look.”  Challenging myself to try new things is the EXACT reason I signed up for Stitch Fix.  While I don’t foresee myself dressing bohemian, I like the vibe this outfit has. Adam even agreed that it looked good (minus the fact that I have a muffin top!). 

However, the shoulders in this sweater didn’t fit right. They didn’t stay put and kept falling off so it ended up not being a keeper for me. I was a bit bummed but it gives me ideas of other things to try!

Verdict:  Returned

Christine Lightweight Ombre Scarf
(LA Made)

Most of you know that I LOVE a good scarf!  This one had the potential for being one of those but I just couldn’t get into this one.  I liked the royal purple/blue ombre idea, but I just don’t think it worked for me.  It was very lightweight and I couldn’t tie it to make it an infinity.  I added it to the cowl top to show off the stunning color but it just didn’t do it for me.  Plus, I can’t justify spending $44 on a scarf.

Verdict: Returned

For those of you who aren’t familiar; Stitch Fix carries sizes XS-XL and 0-14. It’s not age or body specific, they do try to meet your tastes and likes! If you’re interested, here is my referral link. I receive a $25 credit for you signing up and once you sign up you can have other friends sign up under your personal link. (The credit isn’t applied until the first box ships!)

Each month you have the opportunity to make notes to your stylist.  Of course I asked to have Desire again next month.  I also opened it back up to dresses.  I am heading to NYC in January for my friend Ashley’s birthday and will be going out to a few speakeasies while we are there. I’m going to have to dress up so looking forward to what she comes up for me next month!

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