Christmas Cheer Box

My first year of blogging has certainly been an interesting one!  I have followed many different bloggers and am learning my own style and ways as I go.  One of my current charges is to be more active and involved in the blogging world.  Rachel over at Floral and Fudge is co-hosting a Christmas Cheer Box Linkup with other bloggers.
One of the “rules” of the cheer box is you are to spend around $10 and it must be Christmas related.  A few weeks ago I had seen this pin on Pinterest for the M&M Christmas Poem and I knew this would definitely be one of the items I included in my Cheer box.
I was able to find the cute little half pint Ball Mason jars at Wal-Mart in a pack of 4. I filled it with regular M&Ms, tied some baker’s twine around it and added the poem to the front. I thought I was going to be clever and laminate the poem, but glue and double sided tape wouldn’t hold that baby on, so I went with regular paper.    Here is my version of the M&M Christmas Poem:


Here is an overview of all of the items I put in the cheer box.
1. M&M poem – includes bakers twine, mason jar, M&Ms, and Christmas Poem.
6. Cookie Cutters – (to be on budget, I only included one in the cheer box)
7.  Paper straws – these are so darn cute!!
This is the box of items I sent – the cupcake toppers are hiding behind the napkins… and I forgot but I actually added candy cane chapstick to the box as well!  How did I manage keeping this close to $10?  I bought the M&Ms in bulk at Sam’s, the jars came in a pack of 4, the hand soap was on sale for 5/$18, the cookie cutters and chapstick came in a packs of 3, and I found the bev naps and straws for less than $1.
This is a great gift idea that can be customized to fit for anyone!



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