11 Online Shopping Hacks for Never Paying Full Price

I have been online shopping for a while and if you saw the number of packages that arrive at my house on any given day, you might even consider me an expert!  I know UPS seems to think I am.  I wrote two posts a few years back about ways to save and included different strategies both online and in stores.  I’d love to share some updated suggestions and new ways to score major deals while sitting at home, in your PJs, drinking wine.   Sounds perfect, right?   Just promise me you will never pay full retail!


*Some of the following links are affiliate links. If you click on them/buy something/sign up, I could make enough for a cup of coffee or two*

  1. Ebates – Always my first “go to” when online shopping.  You earn a % back on your purchase and get paid quarterly. You can also earn $ for referring your friends and family.  Full transparency, I have earned $743 to date.  (Please do not do the math on that one!)   New members get a $10 gift card just for signing up and making their first purchase! Don’t pass $10 up!
  2. Sign up for store emails.  I mentioned this one before.  Create a separate email account just for your store emails/coupons. That way you don’t have to delete them until the sale is over.  (My favorites: Gap, J-Crew, Loft, Carter’s, Kohl’s).  I have multiple email accounts that I use to get different coupons throughout the year.
  3. Stack your coupons.  You can do this in-store and online!  If you have a coupon that is $10 off $50 and 20% off your purchase, most stores will allow you to stack these coupons. Some will even allow you to add a free shipping code.
  4. Use your search engines for coupon codes if you don’t have one handy.  Some coupon sites will have them available for you to use (this is NOT my favorite method though).
  5. Follow other money saving blogs.  My two favorites are: Hip2Save and Pocket Your Dollars.  Hip2Save has been more on my radar lately and I love getting her daily emails with the savings roundups.
  6. Leave items in your cart.  I am SO guilty of doing this on a regular basis. I totally window shop online, then a day or two later get a friendly little reminder email that I have items in my cart. Some companies will send you a sweet little coupon to get you to come back and make that purchase.
  7. Ebay. Sometimes you can find brand new items on Ebay and not pay full retail.
  8. Amazon Prime.  Have I mentioned my love of Amazon before?  Prime baby!  You get your stuff in 2 days, free shipping on millions of items.  It’s totally worth the yearly fee.. and College students get a better deal as well!   You can try Prime for free for 30 days. Don’t use it? Don’t like it?  Cancel within the 30 days and you are not charged.
  9. Check your credit card or debit card’s website. Some credit card companies offer promotions when you make purchases through their site!  (You can’t stack this with Ebates).  I just checked mine and had a $10 credit to Stitch Fix!  Woo-hoo – Thanks Westconsin!
  10.  Price adjustments.  Some stores will honor the sale price online up to 14 days after your purchase.  I recently contacted an online store and they took care of it without any issue.  I was advised that not all stores will honor the price adjustment if you used a coupon.  (I did, of course, but they did it anyway). It never hurts to ask!
  11. Do your homework.  Different websites can offer the same item at different prices.  Google search that stuff and find your best deal. Then Ebates it, stack your coupons and come out ahead!


There are tons of other hacks out there for saving money, like shopping on the right day.  The list I provided above is what I currently use for shopping online.   I hope you are able to save a few bucks while online shopping.  Please don’t break my heart and pay full retail!  Honestly, don’t be afraid to try things like Ebates or simply calling customer service and asking.  Every dollar counts!





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  1. Something to add to #8 – don’t shop Amazon.com – instead, shop smile.amazon.com. Same company, same products, same prices – identical with one exception. You can sign up to donate a percentage of many products to the charity of your choice without changing the cost of the product. A portion of almost everything I buy on smile.amazon.com (and almost everything I buy is from there) goes to Be the Change Volunteers. It’s a great way to give back without costing you a thing.

  2. Great suggestions! I do a lot of these, too, and ebates is my favorite. They have discounts for SO many sites, and I’ve gotten a couple hundred dollars back from them. I’m also a Prime junkie, and I use smile.amazon.com to get a portion donated to a charity of my choice.

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